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  • Can Deaf & Dumb Marry Normal Person & Sponsor For PR Status

  • Onkar

    August 14, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    I am a permanent resident in Canada. My elder daughter sponsored me, my wife, and my dependent younger daughter to Canada. My younger daughter is 29 years old and she is deaf and dumb since birth but she can communicate through lip movements and sign language. Now, we are thinking for her marriage. We are getting a match for her from India. The boy is well-known to our distant relatives and is from a reputable family. The boy is completely fit and fine like a normal person. He and his family is willing to marry my daughter knowing all the disability issues about her. We also trust the intentions of the family and have faith in their interest to get married to my daughter. My question is about the sponsorship of my would be son-in-law to Canada. After marriage, will there be any problems in sponsoring him? I have heard from my close friends that an application can be refused even if it is genuine relationship. Can you please advise us?

  • Bavneet (Admin)

    August 14, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Incompatibility of ability or disability would be a major concern of a case processing officer and a visa officer which can lead to refusal of the sponsorship application. As you have narrated the story of making a match of your daughter to a “NORMAL PERSON”, there will be a big “NO” to an application after the interview. You can think why a young man who is fit and healthy would marry a girl with disability in two of five main senses of human bodies. There must be however, clear, cogent evidence as to the genesis and development of the relationship. There would be problems which may not be able to overcome easily.

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