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  • PGWP complex case – need expert advice

  • maninderdeep mangat

    November 5, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    so i have two continous semester gaps between my studies

    may to september (which was a scheduled break from college and mandatory to take)

    september to january (authorized leave due to medical reason ) – In this peroid i left canada and right now i am in my home country and will be returning next semester to resume my programme.

    my main concern is that me taking my scheduled break (4 months- may to september) + authorized leave (4 months-september to january) = 8months in total create any trouble for pgwp?

    On the IRCC website it says :
    A student on leave who begins or resumes their studies within 150 days from the date the leave commenced (that is, the date the leave was granted by the institution) is considered to be actively pursuing studies during their leave.

    But it does not says anywhere that you cannot take a leave of absence right after scheduled break.

    kindly help

  • синдром ремхельда

    February 27, 2024 at 9:06 am

    , или Ремхельда-Тодда, это редкое генетическое заболевание,
    которое обычно проявляется при рождении или в раннем детстве. Это врожденный
    порок сердца, при котором артериальная пульсация в области локтевых сгибов изменена
    из-за аномалии артериальной системы. Этот синдром обычно проявляется следующими

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